Inet Station recently installed a new system based on Microsofts Small business Server into Oracle Designs of Dewsbury. The new system allows the sales force to take advantage of the excellent e-mail features of Microsoft Exchange server combined with the Blackberry Enterprise server. This means that the sales force take a 'virtual office' with them every time they are out on the road.

Inet Station installed a linux based E-mail system into Optimum4 in Leeds to try and reclaim some of the lost bandwidth being eaten up by the vast amount of e-mail traffic. The new system has allowed all internal mail traffic to be kept internal to their network, leaving more bandwith available on their internet connection.

In co-operation with Tamar computing, Inet Station helped get a new office up and running for Hire Drive car firm. The office was equipped with all new PC systems and networked together. There is also a secure VPN link set up between this office and Head office allowing data to be shared securely over the internet.

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